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Reasons For Declined Transactions:

A) U.K. Canada, and Australia Postal Code Problem.
Solution:  Input your postal code with NO SPACES. If your second join attempt fails, ask us to create and perhaps force a transaction to go through manually.

B) Re-bill (automatic charge) of Credit Card Problem.
Solution:  Contact your credit card company to inquire about any problems with your account. Try to join again after resolving the problems. If that fails, please contact us (scroll down).

C) Issuing Bank Credit Card / Debit Card Problem.
Solution:  Some banks do not allow their debit cards to be used online, but most do. Confirm that there are sufficient funds in your checking account. Or try to join again using a different credit card, or different billing method (see below).

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Transactions automatically re-billed at the end of subscription period.
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Transactions automatically re-billed at the end of subscription period.
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Contact Information:

     Please Email Billing / Technical Support at the following:

You may call the following telephone number: (303) 864.1172. We ask that you include your full name, username and telephone number with your inquiry. We prefer to handle all customer service via email and will only call you if necessary.